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Thread: Sunshine Coast skin divers October comp

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    Default Sunshine Coast skin divers October comp

    You are invited to join the sunshinecoast skin divers for their October competition.

    The air is warming, the water is warming and some AMAZING fish have been turing up in SE QLD to be slugged by local and visiting divers.

    what a pump after so much dirty water!

    get your gear, get your guns and get ready to sling some fish with the boys!

    there will be a new pair of dive gloves a snorkel and a case of beer up for grabs

    everybody that competed/social dived present will have a number thrown into a hat and the number drawn out wins the gloves and snorkel.

    There will be an extra random number thrown into the hat.

    there is only one of these numbers in the hat and no one has the pair of this number.

    if the diver that won the gloves and snorkel can draw this number out from one draw they win a case of beer also.

    If the magic number is not drawn the diver walks away with just the snorkel and gloves.

    where ?
    boat ramp off of Harbour parade budina.
    AKA la balsa park boat ramp

    when ?
    7am Sign on
    7:15 push off
    3:15pm weigh in

    What do i need ?
    food, water, fuel money, dive gear, AUFQ membership, club membership, float flag, whistle and mirror.

    look forward to seeing you all at the next comp, it should be another great day on the water with mates, fish, beers and a barby!

    pls notify us if you will be coming

    further details can be found on the sunshine coast skin divers website or look us up on facebook

    Happy dives and Best Fishes the sunshine ecoast skindivers


    Note! these fish were taken off ice to be laid out for this photograph. these fish were immediately returned to ice. it is policy of the sunshine coast skindivers that fish not brought to weigh in in a tub/esky on ice will not be eligible for weighing.

    bit of angle just for you jaws :P
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    Sunshine Coast Skin Divers

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